Source code for ftrack_api.exception

# :coding: utf-8
# :copyright: Copyright (c) 2014 ftrack

from builtins import str
import sys
import traceback

import ftrack_api.entity.base

[docs]class Error(Exception): '''ftrack specific error.''' default_message = 'Unspecified error occurred.'
[docs] def __init__(self, message=None, details=None): '''Initialise exception with *message*. If *message* is None, the class 'default_message' will be used. *details* should be a mapping of extra information that can be used in the message and also to provide more context. ''' if message is None: message = self.default_message self.message = message self.details = details if self.details is None: self.details = {} self.traceback = traceback.format_exc()
def __str__(self): '''Return string representation.''' keys = {} for key, value in self.details.items(): if isinstance(value, str): value = value.encode(sys.getfilesystemencoding()) keys[key] = value return str(self.message.format(**keys))
[docs]class AuthenticationError(Error): '''Raise when an authentication error occurs.''' default_message = 'Authentication error.'
[docs]class ServerError(Error): '''Raise when the server reports an error.''' default_message = 'Server reported error processing request.'
[docs]class ServerCompatibilityError(ServerError): '''Raise when server appears incompatible.''' default_message = 'Server incompatible.'
[docs]class NotFoundError(Error): '''Raise when something that should exist is not found.''' default_message = 'Not found.'
[docs]class NotUniqueError(Error): '''Raise when unique value required and duplicate detected.''' default_message = 'Non-unique value detected.'
[docs]class IncorrectResultError(Error): '''Raise when a result is incorrect.''' default_message = 'Incorrect result detected.'
[docs]class NoResultFoundError(IncorrectResultError): '''Raise when a result was expected but no result was found.''' default_message = 'Expected result, but no result was found.'
[docs]class MultipleResultsFoundError(IncorrectResultError): '''Raise when a single result expected, but multiple results found.''' default_message = 'Expected single result, but received multiple results.'
[docs]class EntityTypeError(Error): '''Raise when an entity type error occurs.''' default_message = 'Entity type error.'
[docs]class UnrecognisedEntityTypeError(EntityTypeError): '''Raise when an unrecognised entity type detected.''' default_message = 'Entity type "{entity_type}" not recognised.'
[docs] def __init__(self, entity_type, **kw): '''Initialise with *entity_type* that is unrecognised.''' kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( entity_type=entity_type )) super(UnrecognisedEntityTypeError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class OperationError(Error): '''Raise when an operation error occurs.''' default_message = 'Operation error.'
[docs]class InvalidStateError(Error): '''Raise when an invalid state detected.''' default_message = 'Invalid state.'
[docs]class InvalidStateTransitionError(InvalidStateError): '''Raise when an invalid state transition detected.''' default_message = ( 'Invalid transition from {current_state!r} to {target_state!r} state ' 'for entity {entity!r}' )
[docs] def __init__(self, current_state, target_state, entity, **kw): '''Initialise error.''' kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( current_state=current_state, target_state=target_state, entity=entity )) super(InvalidStateTransitionError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class AttributeError(Error): '''Raise when an error related to an attribute occurs.''' default_message = 'Attribute error.'
[docs]class ImmutableAttributeError(AttributeError): '''Raise when modification of immutable attribute attempted.''' default_message = ( 'Cannot modify value of immutable {!r} attribute.' )
[docs] def __init__(self, attribute, **kw): '''Initialise error.''' kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( attribute=attribute )) super(ImmutableAttributeError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class CollectionError(Error): '''Raise when an error related to collections occurs.''' default_message = 'Collection error.'
[docs] def __init__(self, collection, **kw): '''Initialise error.''' kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( collection=collection )) super(CollectionError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class ImmutableCollectionError(CollectionError): '''Raise when modification of immutable collection attempted.''' default_message = ( 'Cannot modify value of immutable collection {collection!r}.' )
[docs]class DuplicateItemInCollectionError(CollectionError): '''Raise when duplicate item in collection detected.''' default_message = ( 'Item {item!r} already exists in collection {collection!r}.' )
[docs] def __init__(self, item, collection, **kw): '''Initialise error.''' kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( item=item )) super(DuplicateItemInCollectionError, self).__init__(collection, **kw)
[docs]class ParseError(Error): '''Raise when a parsing error occurs.''' default_message = 'Failed to parse.'
[docs]class EventHubError(Error): '''Raise when issues related to event hub occur.''' default_message = 'Event hub error occurred.'
[docs]class EventHubConnectionError(EventHubError): '''Raise when event hub encounters connection problem.''' default_message = 'Event hub is not connected.'
[docs]class EventHubPacketError(EventHubError): '''Raise when event hub encounters an issue with a packet.''' default_message = 'Invalid packet.'
[docs]class PermissionDeniedError(Error): '''Raise when permission is denied.''' default_message = 'Permission denied.'
[docs]class LocationError(Error): '''Base for errors associated with locations.''' default_message = 'Unspecified location error'
[docs]class ComponentNotInAnyLocationError(LocationError): '''Raise when component not available in any location.''' default_message = 'Component not available in any location.'
[docs]class ComponentNotInLocationError(LocationError): '''Raise when component(s) not in location.''' default_message = ( 'Component(s) {formatted_components} not found in location {location}.' )
[docs] def __init__(self, components, location, **kw): '''Initialise with *components* and *location*.''' if isinstance(components, ftrack_api.entity.base.Entity): components = [components] kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( components=components, formatted_components=', '.join( [str(component) for component in components] ), location=location )) super(ComponentNotInLocationError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class ComponentInLocationError(LocationError): '''Raise when component(s) already exists in location.''' default_message = ( 'Component(s) {formatted_components} already exist in location ' '{location}.' )
[docs] def __init__(self, components, location, **kw): '''Initialise with *components* and *location*.''' if isinstance(components, ftrack_api.entity.base.Entity): components = [components] kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( components=components, formatted_components=', '.join( [str(component) for component in components] ), location=location )) super(ComponentInLocationError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class AccessorError(Error): '''Base for errors associated with accessors.''' default_message = 'Unspecified accessor error'
[docs]class AccessorOperationFailedError(AccessorError): '''Base for failed operations on accessors.''' default_message = 'Operation {operation} failed: {error}'
[docs] def __init__( self, operation='', resource_identifier=None, error=None, **kw ): kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( operation=operation, resource_identifier=resource_identifier, error=error )) super(AccessorOperationFailedError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class AccessorUnsupportedOperationError(AccessorOperationFailedError): '''Raise when operation is unsupported.''' default_message = 'Operation {operation} unsupported.'
[docs]class AccessorPermissionDeniedError(AccessorOperationFailedError): '''Raise when permission denied.''' default_message = ( 'Cannot {operation} {resource_identifier}. Permission denied.' )
[docs]class AccessorResourceIdentifierError(AccessorError): '''Raise when a error related to a resource_identifier occurs.''' default_message = 'Resource identifier is invalid: {resource_identifier}.'
[docs] def __init__(self, resource_identifier, **kw): kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( resource_identifier=resource_identifier )) super(AccessorResourceIdentifierError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class AccessorFilesystemPathError(AccessorResourceIdentifierError): '''Raise when a error related to an accessor filesystem path occurs.''' default_message = ( 'Could not determine filesystem path from resource identifier: ' '{resource_identifier}.' )
[docs]class AccessorResourceError(AccessorError): '''Base for errors associated with specific resource.''' default_message = 'Unspecified resource error: {resource_identifier}'
[docs] def __init__(self, operation='', resource_identifier=None, error=None, **kw): kw.setdefault('details', {}).update(dict( operation=operation, resource_identifier=resource_identifier )) super(AccessorResourceError, self).__init__(**kw)
[docs]class AccessorResourceNotFoundError(AccessorResourceError): '''Raise when a required resource is not found.''' default_message = 'Resource not found: {resource_identifier}'
[docs]class AccessorParentResourceNotFoundError(AccessorResourceError): '''Raise when a parent resource (such as directory) is not found.''' default_message = 'Parent resource is missing: {resource_identifier}'
[docs]class AccessorResourceInvalidError(AccessorResourceError): '''Raise when a resource is not the right type.''' default_message = 'Resource invalid: {resource_identifier}'
[docs]class AccessorContainerNotEmptyError(AccessorResourceError): '''Raise when container is not empty.''' default_message = 'Container is not empty: {resource_identifier}'
[docs]class StructureError(Error): '''Base for errors associated with structures.''' default_message = 'Unspecified structure error'
[docs]class ConnectionClosedError(Error): '''Raise when attempt to use closed connection detected.''' default_message = "Connection closed."