Using review sessions

Client review sessions can either be queried manually or by using a project instance.

review_sessions = session.query(
    'ReviewSession where name is "Weekly review"'

project_review_sessions = project['review_sessions']

To create a new review session on a specific project use Session.create().

review_session = session.create('ReviewSession', {
    'name': 'Weekly review',
    'description': 'See updates from last week.',
    'project': project

To add objects to a review session create them using Session.create() and reference a review session and an asset version.

review_session = session.create('ReviewSessionObject', {
    'name': 'Compositing',
    'description': 'Fixed shadows.',
    'version': 'Version 3',
    'review_session': review_session,
    'asset_version': asset_version

To list all objects in a review session.

review_session_objects = review_session['review_session_objects']

Listing and adding collaborators to review session can be done using Session.create() and the review_session_invitees relation on a review session.

invitee = session.create('ReviewSessionInvitee', {
    'name': 'John Doe',
    'email': '',
    'review_session': review_session


invitees = review_session['review_session_invitees']

To remove a collaborator simply delete the object using Session.delete().


To send out an invite email to a signle collaborator use Session.send_review_session_invite().


Multiple invitees can have emails sent to them in one batch using Session.send_review_session_invites().